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What are the origins of the ingredients in natural skin care products?

In the world of skin care products, the definition 'natural' can mean different things to each company. There are different definitions of what a natural product means and we can analyze them by their chemical composition. One thing to remember is that every natural or synthetic product has a chemical composition.

So we can divide the ingredients found in natural skin care products into 3 categories:

  1. 100% pure - the ingredients contained in the product are collected from nature, in the case of oils are cold pressed, and retain their original structure. The chemical composition of the ingredient does not change here.
  2. It comes from a natural source - this means that it is collected from nature, but the ingredient has undergone some chemical reactions that have changed its original composition. Products that contain water such as day cream need emulsifiers (combine water with oil to create the cream) which are usually classified in this category. The names of the emulsifiers may seem complicated (eg Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate), but they actually come from natural sources and are simply changed to allow us to make mixtures with water and oil.
  3. It mimics nature - these are the ingredients that are made in the lab, but are similar in composition to those found in nature. For example, citric acid used in natural products to regulate the pH of the product may be derived from lemon peel. The food and skin care industry, however, uses millions of tons of this acid, so it would not be sustainable for the planet to use it directly from the natural source. 

A natural skin care product can therefore be made from one of the above categories or a combination of these categories. If you want to know more about the origin of the ingredients in your natural beauty products it would be good to contact the manufacturer directly.

At Mont Trod, we use a combination of the first two types of natural ingredients; 100% pure and ones that originate from nature. As we grow our company we aim to use even more 100% pure natural products that come from mother nature. If you have a question about the origins of our ingredients please drop us a message at or DM us on our instagram account @monttrod and we would be delighted to chat with you.



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